Our QHSE Policy (Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Policy)

The Company’s management is committed to:

  • Ensuring that health, safety of human life and environment protection always takes precedence over all commercial considerations.
  • Proactively managing customer care and satisfaction. Identifying all business risks as the highest priority while establishing appropriate safeguards and margins of error against such risks.
  • Striving for continual improvement by periodic reviews and using of Key Performance Indicators (KPI), QHSE objectives and targets. Integrating Tanker Management Self Assessment (TMSA) Best Practice guidelines to drive the process.
  • Adopting a formal system of Risk Management and establishing safeguards against all identified hazards and security threats.Evaluating, recording, monitoring and reviewing the environmental aspects and occupational hazards of our activities.
  • Continually improving the safety & security management Skills of our personnel ashore and onboard ships though training, drills and contingency plans in the case of all identified emergency situations.
  • Ensuring rapid notification, prompting investigation, corrective action and analysis of all incidents and near misses.Encouraging active participation by all employees, ensuring a “No Blame” safety culture.Top management to Senior ensuring that appropriate resources are made available in effective implementation of QHSE Management System.
  • Seeking to ensure that both contractors and suppliers conform to the requirements of the Company’s QHSE Management System.Communicating this policy clearly to all employees, contractors, suppliers and customers.

The Company’s Management is committed to managing the QHSE issues as an integral part of our business concerns, as stated in the above policy.

This policy is implemented through the Company’s QHSE Management System Framework, which all employees are required to comply to. Employees must not, by act or omission, knowingly endanger themselves or their colleagues and are expected to take full responsibility for their actions.