Ethics Helpline

By adhering to ADNATCO and NGSCO core values and business principles, our employees have worked hard to build our reputation as an honest, transparent company; a reputation that we consider as an asset worth protecting. This reputation affords us the trust of our employees and all our stakeholders which is vital for maintaining our integrity to do business on firm ethical business foundation.

Our employees must carry out their duties and interact with Colleagues, Contractors, Shareholders, and the Society with honesty and integrity.

Each employee of ADNATO and NGSCO is responsible for maintaining the highest level of compliance and ethical standards. Furthermore, our Employees Customers, Vendors, Consultants, and other Representatives working for or on behalf of ADNATO and NGSCO hold the same responsibility.

To contact Ethics Helpline Email:

Types of Issues

Following are examples on the issues. Any other issue on Ethics/ Business Conduct can also be reported:

  • Manipulation of Company data / records
  • A substantial and specific danger to public health and safety
  • An abuse of authority e.g., taking personal advantage of the official position
  • Conflict of interest
  • Violation of any law or regulations
  • Gross wastage or misappropriation of company funds/assets
  • Questionable accounting or auditing matters
  • Any material misrepresentation written/oral made by or on behalf of the Company
  • Instances of corporate fraud
  • Misleading to or coercion of auditors
  • Discrimination and/or Harassment
  • Activities violating policies including Business Ethics and Fraud Control Policy
  • Any other unethical conduct or wrongdoing.

Fraud Reporting
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